Cyriaque Skrapits


Hi ! I'm Cyriaque Skrapits.

I'm a software engineer currently living in Le Locle, Switzerland.

Jack of all trades, I'm interested in computer programming, graphics, art, UI/UX, audio engineering and a lot of stuff that I can't count or that I didn't start to learn/exercise yet.

I also own too many guitars and vinyls discs, so if you are an audio nerd like me, I'll be glad to chat with you.

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  • PhonoWriter (2018)

    Advanced text corrector for people who have difficulties in spelling and / or grammar.
    Worked as lead dev on the correction algorithms, threads, UI, accessibility and ports.
    40'000 users. Product page
  • ESAP (2018)

    Web platform for systemic assessments of professional skills.
    Worked as lead dev on backend (Laravel) and frontend (Vue.js / Webpack / NPM). Website
  • CWI (2016 - 2018)

    Innovative eyes controlled electric wheelchair.
    Worked on the UI/UX. Product page
  • (2015 - 2018)

    Online library for students with disabilities.
    Worked on the UI (design and layout). Website
  • JAMES5

    Universal infrared remote control for paraplegic people.
    Worked on the product design. Product page


  • GitList

    Git repository viewer, contributed on the UI (PHP / Twig).
  • Calf Plugins Suite

    Audio plugins suite, contributed with a few C++ fixes.
  • Breathing Games

    Open source health game, Developed an audio analyzer and a C#/Mono game on unity.
  • Minetest

    C++ free Minecraft clone, made some of the default textures, worked on the audio engine. One of the most popular clones.
  • HockeyDroid

    Android 2D air hockey game. Worked on the design, code, gameplay and animations.
    50'000 downloads
  • Inaudible Effects

    Collection of my own experimental LV2 audio plugins for DAWs.
    Used C for DSP, Cairo for the UI. GitHub page